Image Gallery

Image Gallery widget displays scrollable images with optional titles. It supports touch events and CSS transitions that makes it useful and fast on touch-screen mobile devices. Plenty of options makes this widget really flexible and multipurpose.

Image Gallery 1

single item is displayed

Image Gallery 2

current item is centered with title

Image Gallery 3

displays the number of items that fit to screen width


Item Width
Optional. Defines scrollable item width.
Item Padding
Optional. Adds space around the scrollable item.
Gallery Mode
Can be auto, index or shift. In auto mode widget automatically detects the number of items that fit to the current screen width. In index mode it scrolls images one by one. In shift mode it scrolls by limited number of pixels (80% of available width by default).
Optional. May display counter with the current/total slide index or tabs.
Single Slide
When enabled the widget displays only one item in index mode and hides partially shown images in auto mode.
Center Slide
When enabled it centers the current item in index mode.
Editable static content.
Optional. Applies id attribute. Useful when you need to apply unique styles to this content.
Margin Top
Optional. Adds vertical space above the content.
Margin Btm
Optional. Adds vertical space below the content.
Optional. Sets horizontal alignment for the content.

Advanced Parameters

XPath that specifies container in the source code where images are located.
XPath relative to XPath parameter value that specifies images to be used in gallery.
Title XPath
Optional. XPath relative to Items value that specifies image title.